Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders

Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders

True flight simulators have their place in the gaming world, but this place is not on the mobile platform, at least until mobile hardware makes significant advances in the power it can offer its users. Still, there is plenty of space on our mobile devices for WWII aerial combat games; this is evident by the quantity of them in the Google Play and Apple App Stores. Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders is one such mobile game that has been ported to the Steam platform. It allows players to tailor its multi-tiered control system to suit their level of skill and experience with flying games, resulting in a fairly enjoyable experience.


Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders is best described as an arcade-depth aerial combat game set in World War II. Its gameplay covers the piloting of aircraft in a variety of scenarios, each modelled around the most famous aerial conflicts of the infamous war. You’ll get to dive through the air at Pearl Harbour, for example, as well as experience events such as the Battle of Britain from the air.

Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders

What does stand out about this game is its multi-layer control system. You can choose “simulation” level, which if we’re being honest doesn’t even begin to touch upon the complexity of actual combat flight simulators, or even the close-to-simulation action of IL-2 Sturmovik. Still, at least you get to play around with levers and mess with the tilt of the aircraft in the simulation-difficulty. Easier difficulties simply take away these responsibilities, allowing you to concentrate on the most basic of movement and even making it easier for the bullets you fire to hit their target.

Storm Raiders also features a multiplayer mode which allows you to enjoy the same fast-paced action of the single-player battles, only this time in a multiplayer setting. Outmanoeuvring and dogfighting with human opponents is in all a much more satisfying experience than doing so against the game’s AI.

Planes and Other Content

Where this game really comes into its own is in the number of planes it offers. This makes it heavy on unlockable content, with many aircraft to experience throughout the many battles in the game. There’s also a number of gameplay modes, including straight-up dogfights and also escort missions where you have to protect certain aircraft as you fly through the air. Assault mode is of particular note since this involves active pursuit of aircraft and also a significant amount of destruction when it comes to your enemies.

Epic scenes await you in both the team-based and free-for-all deathmatch, yet you’ve got yet more modes on top of these to enjoy. These include capture the flag and free flight, the latter permitting you to be a  bit more relaxed and free in your manoeuvres. The difficulty is generally quite gentle – you will rarely feel under any true pressure in any of the levels, even during the heat of battle.

Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders

Graphics and Presentation

If you enjoy the thought of battling over major cities, this game’s graphics and level design will also impress you. Many of the campaign/multiplayer levels involve dogfighting over major cities on both the Allied and Axis sides of the conflict. The reproduction of these cities in the PC version is particularly impressive, with the buildings looking fantastic and the expansive skies also looking breath-taking at times.

To Sum Up

It isn’t difficult to recommend Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders to anyone looking for a light-hearted, easy-to play game on the Steam platform. Though many may prefer to play the mobile version, the PC version does look a little more impressive in terms of graphics, but not by a huge amount. Most will flock to this game for the content, which is extensive to say the least. Many planes are waiting to be experienced, and the selection of game modes is comprehensive. There’s even the excellent multiplayer battles to engage in which is packed full of modes thanks to Atypical Games’ innovations. These features make the game an easy one to recommend.